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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  January 18, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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feel the power of thenew power...smax. fight back theraflu's powerful new formula to defeat 7 cold and flu symptoms... fast. so you can play on. theraflu expressmax. new r.powe top of the hour, 9:00 a.m. eastern. good morning. i'm poppy har bow. >> i'm john berman. the breaking news, new reporting and new evidence that the president is fuming. he just directly contradicted his chief of staff and declared himself completely unevolved. at least on the issue of the border wall he wants to build between the u.s. and mexico. in an early morning statement the president wrote, the wall is the wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day i conceived it. that is not at all what chief of
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staff john kelly told fox news. in fact, it's the complete opposite. >> he has evolved in the way he's looked at things. >> apparently chief of staff kelly also does not think his boss is very informed when it comes to the wall. he told a room full of members of congress that the president was uninformed, his word uninformed, on the issue of the wall during the campaign. a source familiar with all of this this morning tells our caitlin collins that has left the president fuming ave. listening to all that john kelly said, that he hated his comments. caitlin collins t one who broke that news. what else are you hearing? >> reporter: that's right, poppy. president trump fuming saying his views on the wall had evolved since he was on the campaign now that he has taken off kelly said. clearly weaw the result of that on twier when the president directly contradicd what his chief of staff said. i'm told by sources inside the
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white house that the president hated john kelly's comments where he said his views on the wall evolved after he made similar remarks during those meetings with democratic lawmakers on capitol hill where he said the president's views on the wall and immigration had been misinformed during the campaign and now had changed since he was in office. the president directly pushing back saying his views on the wall have not changed. he still wants a wall, still wants mexico to pay for it. we're certainly seeing the backlash of that. this is surprising because we don't often see the president often contradict john kelly. he always says he has great respect for him, hopes he stays chief of staff for quite some time. though he's confident, the two men often on immigration. we're clearly seeing a break in that right now, john and poppy. >> any sense kaitlan, steve
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bannon said things about the president and was excommunicated from trump world altogether. >> reporter: any time somebody speaks out on the president or contradicts him or undermines him, it's something that can turn the president's attitude toward that person. we've seen it with steve bannon, jeff sessions, all people the president has turned on. we haven't seen him do that with john kelly. there's no indication that would happen with this. it could be the one thing that sets the president off, john and poppy. >> and kelly said a whole lot more in that interview that we'll get into that in this hour. let's get to the white house. abby phillip, can you see the president fuming? >> reporter: early this morning the tweets came loud and clear. and i think the message was clearly heard. this is not going to be the last we hear from the white house on this issue. it comes at a critical time when the white house is trying to sort out the issue over daca,
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the immigration issue and the government funding issue. we're hearing a lot from the president on both things. i think the idea that john kelly right now is in the doghouse on immigration is critical. remember, he was tasked by the president with taking the leado. he went to the hill yesterday to liaise with congressional lawmakers. now he's being undercut by the president himself. on government funding as well, you're seeing the president tweeting a little bit about what he thinks he wants from a short-term spending bill. meanwhile, let me play a little bit of what john kelly said last night that prompted from the president a rebuke on social media this morning. >> he's very definitely chaepgd his attitudes towards the daca issue and even the wall. he has evolved in the way he's looked at things. campaign to governing are two different things. >> reporter: we will hear directly from the president later today.
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he's going to be going over to the pentagon and later to pennsylvania. i'm sure we'll have plenty of opportunities to hear directly from him a little bit about, especially on the ending issues on the hill, what he thinks about it and how he thinks those issues ought to be resolved. >> abby hill for us at the white house. a great deal of confusion all of a sudden. not only is he contradicting his over chief of staff, he seems to be undercutting an effort from the republican house leadership to pass a temporary spending plan to keep the government open. everyone is confused now where the president stands. let's go to suzanne malveaux on capitol hill for the latest on that. >> reporter: good morning, john and poppy. could a president's tweet undermine essentially and blow up negotiations for the short-term spending bill? very possibly. in the next 24 hours, the president reversing his position. this is what republicans have been worried about for days now, tweeting out this morning that
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c.h.i.p. should be a part of a long-term solution, not a 30-day or short-term extension. why? it's so important. you had house republicans crafting what they thought they could get support for on the house side and the senate side by providing six years of funding to this critical program. it's something democrats are on board with, republicans, meant to sweeten the pot to get people on guard with the short-term spending bill to swallow this, if you will, along with delaying taxes, obamacare taxes, electrical devices and extending the government for another month. what do people do now? that's the big question. is this going to impact those they were able to bring to their side to say, okay, we'll take the short-term spending bill, deal with daca later, because we've got this critical program that is very popular, bipartisan and so many people want. hard toreject. now the president who once said, okay, it's good for the spending bill, is now saying no, it is not. how does this play out? house republicans will be
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getting together behind closed doors trying to figure out how to get 218 critical votes on the house side. there will be a vote expected later in the day, between 7:00 and 8:00. we'll see how it goes. john and poppy, it goes to the senate side to see if they have enough democrats for the supermajority vote to push it forward on the senate side. it's far from clear to see if the short-term spending bill will pass now, what the president actually is pushing for, what he wants and whether the government is going to shut down. john and poppy. >> suzanne malveaux, thank you very much. >> who knows where else we'll be this morning if the president is fuming as is reported now. joining us nina malika henderson and cnn commentator matt lewis. the news from the white house, the president hated the interview that john kelly did last night, hated being called
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uninformed ever on the issue of the wall. woke up this morning, directly contradicts him. trouble in paradise. >> trouble in paradise indeed. john kelly is someone the president has praised, wanted to be his chief of staff, comes with kind of the image of being a general and taking control. my initial thought about this was that kelly went out there to reach the president. you go on television to talk to the president. you go on fox news particularly to reach the president. it seemed like it was a trial balloon, to try to move the president and get the president to reckon with this idea that there probably isn't going to be a wall in the way he thinks it's going to be the wall, with the capital w and from sea to shining sea. it clearly backfired and backfired in a big way. this president is en sis tent on what he wants, he hasn't changed, hasn't evolved and the wish list is something that's
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not going to go over on the hill. >> i will say the president isn't saying this morning he still wants a 2,000 mile wall. >> he said part of it is see-through. >> he said he always wanted this new wall, which isn't true. >> matt lewis, we can't ignore kelly's background leaving dhs. he knows what's feasible and not feasible. nia's point is fascinating one, that he'd have to go on cable news to talk to the president rather than walk into the oval office. what are the repercussions here? is this something that would get steve of staff kel bannoned, if y will? >> i don't think we're there yet. john has a good point. if, in fact, the chief of staff went on fox news to get the president's attention and to move him in the direction of accepting the fact that you're not going to have a 2,000-mile wall, that there are some areas where geographically it doesn't
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make sense. there are borders. donald trump is now conceding that. so i think trump has evolved. he has evolved. his tweet today concedes that john kelly was right, you don't need or want -- it's not practical to have a 2,000-mile wall. maybe what kelly did actually worked. donald trump is moving. now, he has to save face. he can't admit he's being -- that he has evolved. i think if you're optimistic here, maybe something good comes from this. maybe john kelly has a rough day at the office today. but i don't think it's bannoned just yet. >> john kelly has had rougher days than this. >> for him it matters. >> he can take this i'm sure. but it probably isn't comfortable. amy, this is just part of what the president is doing this morning, undercutting his chief of staff, but also undercutting house leadership. they're trying to get a stopgap spending measure through. as part of this deal, they wanted funding for the
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children's health insurance program, six years. now the president says no to that all of a sudden. he's saying no, we think, to the deal on the table. what's the thought? >> it's blowing everyone's minds on capitol hill. this is the second time this week he's done this. he did this on the senate side, this bipartisan immigration compromise. he came in and said no, they worked so hard to get this deal together and couldn't quite make it happen. now he's doing it again. i think a lot of lawmakers are frustrated. they're saying, okay, we're actually doing the dealmaking here, negotiating on a bipartisan way in the way you want things and you're getting in the way. i think this is frustrating a lot of people. i've been hearing from a lot of people in the last few hours who are frustrated by the way things stand right now and they want things to move ahead and they think the president is getting in the way. >> mitch mcconnell in what i thought and still think this morning is a stunning statement,
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he was messaging the president as well directly saying we don't even know what the president wants. let's listen to mitch mcconnell. >> i'm looking for something that president trump supports. he's notet indicated what measure he's willing to sign. as soon as we figure out what he is for, then i would be convi e convinced we were not just spinning our wheels. >> here is how the white house responded to chris cuomo last night. listen to this. >> the president has been pretty clear about what it will take to get us to the next phase. there's been plenty of discussion back and forth and we'd be happy to contact the leader's office another time about this. >> matt lewis, our other panelist tweets, why does mitch mcconnell insist on waiting for trump to define exactly what he wants on immigration. matt have a point? >> i think we know what he wants. we don't know what he will sign.
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he wants to $18 billion for the wall, end to chain migration, end to the visa lottery. will he settle for something less? that's what mitch mcconnell was saying, this whole idea of what he will actually sign. it's still unclear what he will settle for. you heard lindsey graham talk about this, that you're not going to get everything you want in this deal if you're the president. you're going to have to give a little and get a little, particularly if there's a phase two to the reform which seems unlikely now, even though lipid say graham kee tking about it. >> matt les, he just gave senate democts a reason to vote against this. he gave those ten democrats runs in tight races, however you want to look at it, he gave them a reason to vote no if they were looking for one. i can't quite believe that's what the president was trying to do. but does this make it easier for
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the democrats now? >> yes, it absolutely does. republicans are in a tough spot. we were already in peril of a government shutdown. republicans have to worry about the freedom caucus people who are worried about the budget, you have to worry about the national security hawks who don't think we're funding defense enough. then you have to are wouldry about getting democrats -- why would they do anything to help donald trump and republicans? they have incentive for not cooperating i. cooperating. it's a very delicate procedure, a surgical thing to negotiate a deal. you're trying to delicately purt together this coalition, and at the 11th hour donald trump comes in and sends out a tweet that i think invites more chaos and invites people to sort of have an excuse to say, no -- here is my question. what i don't understand is this. does donald trump realize this was actually a six-year extension for c.h.i.p., not a short-term extension? >> i was wondering that.
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>> or does he just want to keep it as leverage for bargaining for a long-term budget deal? it's unclear to me if he understands this even. >> that's a really good point. even though it's included in a short-term continuing resolution, it still spans s ye. it doesn't change what it's included in. may 2nd of last year the president tweeted this. our country needs a good shutdown, in september, to fix this mess. i don't know. is that what he's asking for this morning, amie, by all of this, by giving democrats a reason to say no? would there be any world in which he would want a shutdown? >> it's marred to say. the thing that really is mind-boggling is democrats in the house would force democrats in the senate to force this and the dominos would have fallen and it would have been much easier to pass this thing going forward. now he's kind of stopped that from happening. the whole thing is kind of up in the air. i think that's why a lot of people are throwing their hands up in the air going why are you doing this in the 11th hour?
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>> matt lewis brings up a good point. paul ryan might be on the phone with the president right now explaining this to him like paul ryan had to explain the fisa issue last week. within the next hour we might see the president soften his language. maybe the house republicans continue to push this. if the c.h.i.p. funding is still? there, no matter what the president says, maybe it doesn't change the equation. >> it may get to the 218. that's what we've heard from democrats. democrats don't want to shut down the government. it's not on brand for the democrats to shut down the government. they believe in government. it's more of a republican idea of shutting down the government. him throwing in these wrenches and these sort of tantrums on twitter is leaving everything a mess. >> a quick show of hands as we go to break, do you think there's more likely a shutdown now more so than 30 minutes ago? raise your hand if you think the answer is yes. >> yes, i'll do maybe a small
6:17 am
one. >> amie, where did you hand go? >> i'm on the fence. anything can happen. i think they're willing to put something together maybe. >> thank you, guys. the president's private attorney says the president is, in his words, very eager to sit down with special counsel bob mueller. but has anyone told the president that? he said something pretty different last week. plus, what is being called steve bannon's blunder. his purported slipup during a meeting with investigators on capitol hill. what wasn't he supposed to say and the scramble to save the seat. the president tiptoes around a closely watched race in washington, d.c. he's now diving straight in. why this will be a maj test on there will be an anti-trump wave. 30,000 precision parts. ncn or it isn't. it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians. or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty,
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you've probably seen me running all over the country in search of our big idaho potato truck. but not any more. i am done with that. ooh, ooh hot - just gonna stay home on the farm, eat a beautiful idaho potato, and watch tv with my dog... tv anncr: the big idaho potato truck pulled into town today and it's really a sight to see. oh man...let's go.... (distant) you comin', boy? sfx: (dog) gulp! woof. new this morning, president trump's lawyer says president
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trump is very eager to speak with bob mueller. that's a far cry from what the president said a week ago. >> we'll see whahappens. certainly i'll see what happens. whenhey have no collusion and nobody has found any collusion at any level, it seems unlikely you'd even have an interview. >> this as axios reports steve bannon had what they call a major slip-up when he faced the house intelligence committee. he refused to answering a lot of questions, but did admit to talking to top white house aides while inside the white house about the controversial trump tower meeting with a russian lawyering promising dirt on hillary clinton. >> joining us is susan kennedy. susan, let's begin with the stark contrast between what ty cobb said and what the president said a few days earlier. is this the a dance over what the president will do and won't
6:23 am
do in a potential interview with mueller? >> we've seen the president shift his story over time, they're happy to cooperate and then taking steps to limit the testimony. it's really hard to imagine that the president is genuinely eager to sit down with special counsel. who is eager to sit down with federal investigators to answer sensitive questions. at the same time even ty cobb expressed nervousness. he said, i hope this isn't a interview with mueller.f the there's a l ovidef ee there that they're willing to talk to special counsel mueller, but feeling pretty nervous about it. >> also interesting from ty cobb, he says he thinks the whole thing will be wrapped up in four to six years. timeline keeps changing. before it was thanksgiving, then christmas. now four to six weeks. another key data point in the last 36 hours. there's a delay in a check-in to do with a judge that was supposed to be this week. they pushed it back three months
6:24 am
at least at this point, susan. what does that indicate to you about the timing of this whole thing? >> ty cobb has been predicting we're right at the end of an investigation. it's hard to tell and there is contradictory evidence. the fact they're delaying george papadopoulos' sentencing end case this will go until at least the pd of april. it's more difficult to see what to make of the fact that mueller's team seems to be looking to interview the president. usually you wouldn't interview the principal actor that way until the end of an investigation. that's one thing that cobb's team has pointed to as evidence that, hey, they are write, this is acting up. that's not the only reason the president's counsel might be looking to interview president trump. he might be wrapping up a minor pa the investigation instead of the entire investigation. definitely contradictly
6:25 am
evidence, but more likely probability at this point is that it extends at least into the spring. >> steve bannon wouldn't say a lot during his ten-hour testimony in front of the house intelligence committee. one thing he did say being characterized as a slip-up is, yeah, i had conversations with senior white house staffers about that now infamous troum tower meeting with kushner, manafort, the russian lawyers. first question on that, if you're special counsel bob mueller and you hear that, susan, what are you thinking? are you thinking bannon is much more of an asset for me now, bannon knows things. he clearly admittedly had these conversations? what more do you want to know about this? >> it does reseal an interesting difference in the strategy between steve bannon and someone like lewandowski who seemed to indicate i'm not ready to answer the questions, i don't know the answer. bannon indicated in a lot of different places, interviews with journalists and interviews
6:26 am
with the house intelligence committee that he does have the underlying knowledge. it goes to this broad executive privilege claim that he's asserted to not answer. he might have a claim, although it's questionable, to not talk about, for example, the context of his communications. there really is no legal basis for somebody under a subpoena. he's not voluntarily appearing at that point, to decline weren't he had a et mooing. eventually you can characterize it as a slip-up, but eventually he was going to have to provide that information. >> susan, the ranking member on the intelligence committee said there were interesting similarities between how steve bannon would not answer questions and corey lewandowski. listen. >> one other note of comparison here between lewandowski and bannon, it's not just that they refused to answer a question here or question there. both of them drew exactly the same line. i don't think that's a coincidence. we won't answer any questions that took place, conversations, events that took place during
6:27 am
the transition or during the administration and many conversations up to the present day. that's not a coincidence in my view. >> he's sort of implying there that bannon and lewandowski have been instructed by the white house not to answer or answer in a certain way. is there anything inherently wrong with that, susan? >> certainly it's possible that lewandowski and bannon's own counsel have been talking to one another or talking t the white house. where they drew that line is a little strange on the notion that the executive privilege covers the transition period. not only is that controversial, but a federal judge related in a case related to kris kobach that executive privilege does not apply to the transition period. one of the other things that's interesting is that the white house appears to not sort of have its story straight regarding their legal argument. at the same time they've apparently been counseling bannon and lewandowski to not
6:28 am
testify or potentially claim executive privilege, they've been allowing sitting executive branch officials to testify openly and answer questions. they aren't setting a logical or coherent olicy. it seems like they're just deciding if they want an individual witness to answer based on what they're worried they might say. >> susan hennessy, great to talk to you. thanks so much. democrats up for re-election facing a big decision. should they try to force a government shutdown or get on board with the republican plan? of course, we don't know what the republican plan is anymore. we're going to speak to a key democrat about that coming up. >> we're just moments away from the opening bell on wall street. will it be a record for the dow? >> futures pretty much flat right now. global markets are mixed. the dow crossed 26,000 and closed for the first time in history, in record time, racing from 25,000 to 26,000. a lot of people are calling this the fomo market, fear of missing
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just hours to go before a high-stakes volt to avert a government shutdown. the president this morning throwing another wrench into the entire thing. >> he says the children's health insurance funding should be part of a long-term solution, not a 30-day or short-term extension. republicans have put this extension into the deal right now. so it is part of what the house will vote on today we think. joining us to talk about this whole situation right now is senator chris van hollen, democratic from maryland. senator, thanks so much for being with us. >> good to be here. >>ig now, senator, are you a yes or no vote for this temporary extension of government funding? >> well, we don't even know what the proposal is right now, john. as you just indicated, the president of the united states has said the long-term fix to the children's health insurance program should not be part of this agreement. >> if it was there, what we do know is any protections for
6:35 am
d.r.e.a.m.ers is not part of the bill. the first part of the question, without protections for d.r.e.a.m.ers could you vote for extension of government funding? >> i cannot support a bill, continuing resolution that does not deal with funding for community health centers, does not deal with the opioid crisis by providing real resources, that doesn't help our veterans and doesn't deal with the daca issue. right now as i see it, the president of the united states, whether by design or shear incompetence, is taking this country into a government shutdown. that's my best prediction at this point in time. we saw at the white house, the president invielted people to come up with a bipartisan solution on daca. you had a bipartisan solution which, by the way, seven democratic senators on board, and yet the president is all over the place. his own chief of staff said he doesn't know what he was talking about in some aspect of the wall, for example.
6:36 am
i'm very nervous that this president who previously tweeted out about a good government shutdown is taking us in that direction. >> so you're a no on this without a daca deal. there are some of your fellow democrats -- >> i'm a no on this unless we resolve all the issues i talked about, community health senators, veterans, opioid crisis, lots of issues that should have been decided last september. >> you're very much a no on this including if it doesn't include daca. here was my point. joe manchin in west virginia up for re-election in 2018, in a state like west virginia, he did say earlier this week he could support this without a daca deal right now. with the president this morning saying that the c.h.i.p. funding extension, six-year funding of c.h.i.p. should be taken out of this short-term deal, do you think that makes it even less likely that democrats like joe manchin could stomach this? >> poppy, i can't speak to any
6:37 am
particular senator and how he or she will vote. but what i can say is this, as with the case of joe manchin, all of our senators are going to look at this oposal whatever it ends up being and hopefully we'll have input into this pros which we've not had really to date. they'll look at it and decide whether or not it's in the best interest of the people of their states. if they think it is, they'll vote for it. if they don't think it is, then they'll vote against it. we have lots of members who don't like the fact that this proposal looks like it will underfund veterans. it does not adequately deal with the opioid epidemic. frankly, running a government two weeks by two weeks on a cr, hurts our military readiness and all the federal agencies that are trying to work for the american people. again, until you see a proposal, it's impossible to see how people will vote. the way things are headed, the way the president is taking this right now is in a very bad
6:38 am
direction toward government shutdown. >> you brought up the military. one of the things the president and some republicans say is amnesty or funding for d.r.e.a.m.ers, protections for dreamers are more important for democrats than protecting the military, that if you shut down this government over the issues you brought up right there, you're hurting the military. how do you respond? >> what's hurting the military is this two-week by two-week resolution. they can't do any planning. you have people like senator lindsey graham saying they're going to oppose a continuing resolution. we should have dealt with all these issues back in september. this fiscal year began on october 1st. here we are well into the year and it is simply irresponsible to continue to go week to week. that hurts the military. so if the president really wants to bring people together, he should accept the bipartisan agreements and proposals that have been brought to him which, by the way, would pass the senate with a big vote.
6:39 am
we could just move on, on that issue and these other important issues as well. >> let's talk about legislation that you proposed, bipartisan legislation, a rarity with marco rubio earlier this week. it's called the deter act and it would slap really big sanctions on any country, russia, china, others, that interfered in the u.s. election process. so you've put this forward. we're wondering at this point in time, do you have any support from leadership in the senate? any word from the white house on whether they can get behind this? >> poppy, i think in the senate we have strong support. as you said, this is a bipartisan bill, introduced with senate store rubio. there's been lots of focus on what happened in the last election and russian interference in the last election. this bill is something that should bring everybody together. it's designed to make sure we don't see foreign interference in the 2018 elections and beyond. as you say, it will deter those that arery our
6:40 am
elections becausetequires the director of national inteigence to report within 30 days of an election as to whether or not there's been interference. and if there is, there are automatic tough sanctions in place especially with respect to russia. if you're putin and thinking about whether or not you want to interfere against in our elections, you have to know that if we determine that you did mess around, there will be these automatic very harsh penalties hitting your banks, your oil sector and other key areas of the russian economy. >> no word from the white house on this or leadership yet directly? >> we have not heard from the white house, but we think we is support among the senators. we appreciate your time, senator chris val hollen. thanks so much. republicans scrambling to prevent another special election debacle. the president heads to western pennsylvania today, an area he won big in the election. so the news here this morning is why is it so close in this race? stay with us. [ click, keyboard clacking ]
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in houshs the president hets to western pennsylvania and will soon face a popularity contest there around a special election. this morning he tweeted his support for the republican candidate in what should be a really safe race for him saying we need more republicans to continue our already -- >> this is a seat republicans held for years and easily this is an area the president won by 20 points. democrats are looking at this as a possible sign and hoping it's a possible sign of a coming wave. cnn's jason carroll takes us there. meet rick saccone often referred to in these parts adds trump 2.0. he's a five-term representative in the pennsylvania house and a staunch trump supporter. >> would you be more likely to support the republican rick
6:46 am
saccone or the democrat connor lamb. >> reporter: he faces democratic challenger connor lamb in the 18th district, the seat vacated by tim myrrh difficult, an anti-abortion gop congressman who resigned after it was revealed he allegedly asked a would plan he was having an affair with to have an abortion. the 18 spreads across four counts and includes industrial towns and suburban communities. it's primarily white and working class. >> i don't know if you realize it, jason, you're in trump country, brother. trump won this area by 20 points. i think maybe today he may be more popular than he was when h s elected. >> a loss in so-called trump n countries could have natnal repercussions. saccone's opponent connor lamb is a 33-year-old retired marine and former u.s. attorney. >> will you support connor lamb for congress? >> reporter: his supporters say lamb is not your typical
6:47 am
democratic, he's more moderate and not afraid to take on his own party. he raised eyebrows when he said as democratic leader. ncy pelosi >> congress as a whole has failed to achieve the results people want. it's not a personal thing. but when that happens, it's time for new leadership. >> is that enough to gain points in a district that has not elected a democrat since 2000 despite having an edge nah party registration. paul ber against is one of those democrats here who switched parties during the president election and is now behind saccone. >> people don't want another obstructionist democrat in congress. that would be connor lamb. >> reporter: more voters standing behind saccone. >> i think we need a supporter of trump. rick saccone is a supporter of him. >> reporter: democrats hope the president's popularity has waned here and that could help to pull
6:48 am
out a win here. still, democrats say they have an uphill battle. >> who is this guy with him, a young looking you, yeah? lifelong democratic michael flynn says saccone's support for trump has turned off some voters. >> from what i've seen in the past year with donald trump and having mr. saccone say he's more trump than trump, that made my decision there. >> that settled it for you? >> that was it. >> i would hope there would be a backlash against what we've seen from trump. but i don't know. >> reporter: voters het to the poles here march 13th. jason carroll, cnn, westmoreland county, pennsylvania. >> jason, thank you very much. again, the president headed there in just a few hours. coming up for us, apple's big promise to create thousands of american jobs. guess who is taking credit? the president. buzz does he deserve it? we have that ahead.
6:49 am
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all right, apple making some big promises and investments in the u.s. economy. the company says it plans to create 20,000 jobs and invest some $30 billion i the u.s. over the nextive years. >> our chief business corresndent christine romans is here with more details. look, the headlines are really great for apple. it gives it a halo effect. is it all warranted? >> well, they can afford it because they got a big tax cut. and that's, i think, the bottom line here. they got such a gift from the tax cuts that they're able to package it up and present it like this as a big investment in the american economy. let me first detail these numbers for you. they're going to bring foreign
6:54 am
profits back home. think about $215 billion worth of money. remember, apple is making so much money with its overseas production model that they literally had more money than they know what to do with. it can sit in bank accounts overseas. they say it will create 20,000 u.s. jobs, invest an extra $30 billion in u.s. facilities. and give $2500 employee bonuses, but not for the highly paid employees. tim cook said the tax cut is the real driver here, one of the reasons why they're able to, you know, ramp up their investment in the u.s. we have a deep sense of responsibility to give back to our country and the people who help make our success possible is what he said in a statement here. you know, they already said they were going to be ramping up advanced manufacturing in the united states. making investments in domestic manufacturers and the like and some analysts said they were already on track to spend almost all of this, but not quite. i mean, this is because , you know, they're getting a gift from t taxhe cuts.
6:55 am
the president taking credit for this, he says i promise my policies would allow companies like april toll bring massive amounts of money back to the united states. great to see apple follow through as a result of tax cuts, huge win for american worker and the usa. on the point of he promised to be able to bring a ton of money back, they're bringing a ton of money back. >> part of it is semantics. it is how they use it. we will see. christine romans, great to have you here with us. thank you very, very much. the breaking news that makes it an oh, so very interesting day. we're told the president is fuming after the interview that chief of staff john kelly saying the president was uninformed about his border wall, he's hating what the president said what are the ramifications this morning. stick around.
6:56 am
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7:00 am
good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. the president is undercutting the house and the white house on a plan to hold off a shutdown. and also his own chief of staff, he shuts him down on whether or not his views on immigration have evolved. quite a morning. >> incredible. a source inside the white house tells us the president hated general kelly's comments in an interview where the general said that the president has changed his attitude on the dreamer issue. he has evolved on the wall. and that during the campaign, the president was uninformed on border issues. hated it, and is fuming. cnn's


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